Dr. William Ramsay

Dr. William K. Ramsay

Dr. William K. Ramsay

Dr. Ramsay attended Edison Community College and Memphis State University for undergraduate courses, and later received his Doctor of Optometry degree (1986) from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, TN. He received several student achievement awards (1985 & 1986) while attending Souther College. Dr. Ramsay also received clinical training at Kenner Army Hospital located in Fort Lee, VA and also at Eye Center of Florida in Fort Myers, FL.

Dr. Ramsay received specialty training for Accelerated Orthokeratology and Precise Corneal Molding (1994), became a Certified VST®/Ortho-K Specialist (2004) via The Institute for Eye Research and is a Certified DreamLens® Specialist. He is also a Certified Prio® Prescribing Specialist (1994) for Computer Vision Syndrome testing, and a Certified Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS ) and Computer Workstation Ergonomics Specialist (2000). Dr. Ramsay became a Certified HydroOptix® (scuba dive mask) Dec-Pro Specialist (2003).

Dr. Ramsay has participated as a Research Study Investigator for Johnson & Johnson/Vistakon’s soft contact lenses. He is a published author of 29 medical/ocular-related and practice management articles. Dr. Ramsay is a sponsored speaker for many ophthalmic-related subjects. He has had two different case reports and photos featured on the magazine cover of two different issues of Contact Lens Spectrum (September 1993 & December 1994).

Dr. Ramsay is a Professional Eye Care Consultant to eyeMaginations, Inc. software development company since 2001 and had an Editorial Board appointment for Inside EyeCare Technology OnLine virtual magazine and to Eyecare Technology magazine. He is a member of Johnson & Johnson/Vistakon “Speaker’s Bureau”. Dr. Ramsay was a featured physician in Southwest Florida Business People magazine.

Dr. Ramsay’s private practice in Ft. Myers, FL was one of six businesses in SW Florida nominated for the US Chamber of Commerce’s “Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative,” which seeks out and recognizes exemplary businesses across America (November 1993) and his office was also featured in a 20/20magazine article “Blueprints for Success” in August 1992.

Dr. Ramsay is a Board Certified Optometric Physician, Florida, 1986, providing full-scope primary eye care: Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment, non-surgical care of the anterior and posterior segments, total case management for all types of contact lenses and pre-and post-operative Lasik and cataract care.

Dr. Ramsay’s Subspecialties include: Low Vision, Lacrimology/Dry Eye, Specialty Contact Lenses, Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and Accelerated Orthokeratology/Corneal Molding/Vision Shaping Treatment.