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Dr. Michael P. Lange O.D., C.N.S.

Dr. Michael P. Lange is or has been a member of the following:

  • American Optometric Association
  • Dr. Lange is a certified Nutritional Specialist by the American College of Nutrition
  • American Optometric Association (Contact Lens and Cornea Division)
  • Florida Optometric Association
  • North Central Florida Optometric Association
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau of Gainesville, Florida
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau of Ocala, Florida
  • Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Gainesville, Florida
  • Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Ocala, Florida
  • Advisory Board for Kodak
  • Advisory Board for Beautiful Eyes
  • Advisory Board for Pragmatic Organics
  • Chairman of the Board for Fortifeye Vitamins
  • Chairman of the Board for Express Contacts
  • Chairman of the Board for Express Sunglasses
  • Dr. Lange hosts the popular talk show “Ask The Doctor” 5 times a week since 1993 to current
  • Member of the Ocular Nutrition Society
  • Chairman/CEO of Parris Optics International
  • Dr. Lange provides Q & A on expresscontacts.com
  • On Advisory Board and contributing author to numerous Eye Care magazines
  • Dr. Lange is a moderator on multiple eye care web sites
  • Member of multiple philanthropic organizations to help children’s vision and the vision impaired
  • Dr. Lange is a founding member of The Green PolkaDot Box
  • Received the Presidential Who’s Who Award October 2011
  • President and CEO of Blue Light Defense and Blue Light Shield
  • President and CEO of Paleo Simplified
  • SCCA and NASSA full competition race car driver

Dr. Michael Lange, OD has also participated in many contact lens and contact lens solution clinical studies as a Clinical Investigator. Dr. Lange is heavily involved in designing and implementing nutritional studies to aid in the development of science based nutraceuticals. Dr Michael Lange has researched and developed many supplements in the eye and sports nutrition industry.  
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Our Board Certified Optometric Physicians and Ophthalmologists

Ideally, most folks should trust their eyesight to our Board Certified Optometric Physicians and Ophthalmologists. In The Villages patients can choose from a select group of Optometric Physicians that includes Dr. Michael P. Lange and his associate Dr. Lori A. Caputi.

Lori A. Caputi, O.D.

Lori A. Caputi, O.D.


Ophthalmologists: Dr Michael Toletino (retina) sees patients in The Lange Eye Institute on Fridays and some Thursdays upstairs. 

Dr. Susan Summerton

The Lange Eye Institute welcomes Dr. Susan Summerton to the villages.

Dr. Susan Summerton

Dr. Summerton is one of a very select group of eye doctors in the country that have specialized in nutritional / integrative eye care. She has multiple degrees, diplomas and certificates in the nutritional arena to bring this added value in nutritional wellness and anti aging to the Lange Eye Institute. She has done numerous presentations and authored a variety of articles on nutritional eye care and total body wellness. She is an expert in the arena of nutritional eye care and will complement Dr. Lange’s philosophy on nutritional / integrative eye care. She available for just about every aspect of eye care including the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease, contact lenses ( including scleral lenses, kerataconus lenses and hybrid lenses), low vision, nutritional eye care, pediatric eye care, geriatric eye care etc… Dr. Summerton is now excepting new patients at the Lange Eye Institute.



At the Lange Eye Institute  we offer a complete  Cosmetic Plastic department which does all cosmetic facial procedures and skin cancers. Some of the procedures offered at The Villages locations are complete face lifts, endoscopic brow lifts, upper and lower eye lid procedures, cheek implants, laser resurfacing of the face, chemical peels, botox injections, restylen injections, skin cancer biopsies and removals and total reconstructive procedures of the face. Upstairs in the Lange Eye Institute  is a complete Plastic surgery department, hearing specialist, alternative and Natrapathic  health care, podiatry , Non invasive body sculpting and fat loss department. THE Villages Lange Eye Institute also has some of the very latest in cataract evaluation technology and retina surgery. The very latest technology allows the doctors of THE Lange Eye Institute to determine which implant is right for the patient based on specific objective data gathered by this advanced technology. The doctors also take the time necessary to listen to the patients and take into consideration their lifestyle, job and hobbies before making a final recommendation for a particular implant. Lange Eye Institute offers all the latest in Cataract lens implants including toric IOLs (astigmatism correction) and multifocal IOLs (restor, rezoom, cystal lens, technis ). Macular Degeneration patients travel from all over the country to see Dr. Michael Lange and his associates to learn the very latest in nutrition, dietary changes and lifestyle changes for macular degeneration.   Lange Eye Institute doctors  will often times recommend a specific DNA test or specific nutritional blood test  to help them determine which foods and vitamins are best for each individual  patient.  The Lange EYE institute also offers food sensitivity testing  that will help the doctors develop a customized diet for particular patients.  Then a very customized nutrtitional approcah  can be taken based on age, weight, disease entity, DNA and specific blood levels of nutrients and food sensitivities.  This is a new area in eye care that Dr. Michael Lange is developing in conjunction with Fortifeye Vitamins.  This new  era in nutritional therapy for macular degeneration uses the latest in DNA and nutrition called Genotype directed nutritional therapy.    Michael Lange OD, CNS and his associates have been helping patients naturally  with macular degeneration and dry eyes since 1993. It is the combination of Nutritional , medical, surgical and optical eye care that  sets Lange Eye Care apart from other eye care centers.  Dr Lange was the first in the world to develop a zinc free macular degeneration vitamin called zinc free Fortifeye Macular Defense and he was one of the first to make available a clear blue filtering lens for patients to block the damaging blue rays of light in our digital world.

Dr.Michael Lange  worked 18 hrs a day 7 days a week and opened 13 Lange Eye Care and Associate eye care centers throughout Florida from 1993-2016.  In 2016 he sold all of his locations form Clearwater to Gainesville to one large corparation.  Dr Lange retained ownership of his flagship eye care center called The Lange Eye Institute that is centrally located in The Villages Florida. He sees patients Monday-Friday in this location.  Dr Lange enjoys seeing his patients all in one state of the art location where very little has to be referred out.
Dr Lange’s natural and nutritional based approach to eye care has gained national recognition and sets The Lange Eye Institute apart from most eye care centers in the country.  Dr Lange always tells his patients “we try to get your eye and whole body in the best shape possible to minimize the amount of medication and surgery needed.”   Patients come from all over with macular degeneration to get this type of natural eye care approach that is complemented by Michael Toletino MD (retina specialist) that sees patients in the Lange Eye Institute on certain days.  Dr Toletino also takes a very natural approach combined with traditional medical and surgical treatments. This combination approach for retina and general eye care really sets The Lange Eye Institute apart from most eye care centers .

Dr Michael Lange, optometric physician and certified nutrition specialist at Lange Eye Care and Associates

gville_office_fdskDr. Michael Lange, optometrist has worked extremely hard at developing one of the top eye care centers in the country. Lange Eye Care and Associates was started on March 15, 1993 by Dr. Michael Lange. Ocala Florida was his very first location and the beginning of his dream to build a state of the art eye care center utilizing the latest in technology.

Lange Eye Care has optometric physicians and ophthalmologists on staff to provide full coverage in some locations seven days a week.  Michael Lange OD, CNS , the Ocala eye doctor, worked seven days a week, 18 hrs a day for the first ten years to build such an impressive organization of eye care specialists. Dr. Lange states, “If you work hard enough, long enough and truly have a passion for what you do, you will succeed.” He adds, “To be extremely successful it takes a lot of sacrifice as well”.

Host of popular talk show “Ask The Doctor”

rmikeDr. Michael Lange, The Ocala Eye Dr, has been hosting his own live talk radio show called “Ask the Doctor” since April of 1993. This is a live call-in show that can be heard on multiple networks throughout the South and live video streaming throughout the world via the internet on all social media platforms and on I heart radio and In tune Radio. The talk show is all about educating the public about the latest in eye care and nutrition.

Dr. Michael Lange,  optometrist and certified nutrition specialist

One of Dr. Lange’s first degrees is in psychology and he is also one of a select group of optometrists in the country that is a  certified nutrition specialist. The combination of psychology, optometry and nutrition enables Dr. Lange to tactfully handle just about any question that comes over the air. His unique gift of discussing even the toughest questions with patients from all over the country in easy to understand terminology has made him one of the most popular talk show hosts in Florida and around the world. Dr. Lange also has a degree in physiological optics that only enhances and further qualifies him to answer a variety of questions.

He always states, “This is for educational purposes only and never replaces a comprehensive eye exam”. He lectures to doctors and the public on the importance of proper nutrition, dietary modifications and lifestyle changes for overall health and good eye health.

Fortifeye vitamins represent the latest in nutrition research


The Fortifeye Vitamins line of nutritional supplements for health of the eyes and whole body

When Dr. Lange is not seeing patients he is involved in many nutrition and eye studies. He is very interested in the area of absorption and bioavailability of specific nutrients that are good for the eye and total body health. Dr. Lange was not satisfied with the typical vitamins and omega three supplements that were available over the counter, so he started the Fortify Vitamin company in 2005. He has developed a line of vitamins for eye and total body health called Fortifeye Vitamins that are being recommended by health care providers worldwide.

He has also developed unique omega three supplements called Fortifeye Super Omega and Super Omega 3 Max., a dry eye kit called Fortifeye Dry Eye Extreme and a supplement  to combat against oxidative stress and inflammation that mproves focusing ability in the eye and to reduce eye fatigue called Fortifeye Focus. He was also the first in the world to develop a zinc free  eye vitamin called Fortifeye Zinc free Macular Defense. Fortifeye Vitamins most popular supplement is called Fortifeye Complete Advanced Nutrition.  Dr Lange has also developed aids to digestion Called Fortifeye Digestive enzymes and Fortifeye Probiotics.  Dr Lange did extensive research in the developemnt of Fortifeye Super Protein and Fortifeye Blue Green Superfood. In 2019 Dr Lange launched the Fortifeye Performance Nutrition line with Fortifeye Fit and Fortifeye Grass Fed Whey Isolate .  Dr Lange believes firmly in a modified version of the Paleo Diet to help his patients. He has developed his own diet called “The Lange Diet” that is helping many patients that have general health/eye problems and are over weight .  As of 12/12/2019 he has been developing an anti aging diet called the Lange Survival Diet.  Dr Lange is also CEO of Paleo Simplified a company that researches and develops paleo type foods, bars and granolas.  More information on the Fortifeye Vitamins and Paleo Simplified is available at www.fortifeye.com.  


Chairman of the board, author, speaker, researcher, family man, extreme sports enthusiast

Michael P. Lange OD, CNS, has developed an organization with almost 20 doctors and well over 100 employees dedicated to enhancing lives through great eye care and proper nutrition. His exponential growth and extreme success has been written about in many nationally publicized magazines and he has actually been on the cover of quite a few as well. He sits as the chairman of the board of four other global eye related companies and is on the advisory board of many more. Dr. Lange is asked to be a speaker on practice management, nutrition, eye care and marketing all over the globe and travels the world doing research on eye related issues and nutrition. Regardless of this busy schedule, he states, “I always find time to spend with my family. Family is extremely important.” He loves doing things outdoors with his wife and children.

Dr. Lange is involved in car racing (road racing), motocross, mountain biking, cycling, white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, snow skiing, water skiing, tennis and many other outdoor sports. He also tries to find the time each day to get 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weight lifting each day. Dr. Lange states, “If I don’t practice what I preach then how credible would I be?”

Dr Michael Lange before a race at Sebring

Developing sunglasses for extreme sports

langebiowaterMichael Lange O.D., is also involved in research and development of a new line of extreme sunglasses that will be to ANSI Z87.1 specs or beyond. This new line of sunglasses will be initially developed for extreme athletes participating in extreme sports. These sunglasses will be made of extremely durable materials and the most impact resistant lens material available. The optics of the lenses will be superior to the majority of lenses currently on the market and the lenses will come in both polarized and non polarized options.

langebiobike1Dr. Lange has also been researching different colors that will enable high definition clarity withThese sunglasses will be made of extremely durable materials and the most impact resistant lens material available. all UV blocking and HIV (harmful blue light) blocking properties. The lenses will come with special oleophobic coatings which means they will repel oils, reducing fingerprints and making cleaning easier. (This is a manufacturing technique seen on today’s touch iPhones.) The lenses will also have hydrophobic coatings that repel water and sweat to stop water spotting and smudges. The new extreme sports sunglass line will also have electromagnetic radiation blocking properties in the lenses to further enhance its appeal to the public. This new line of extreme sun wear will be available in the near future.

Dr. Lange is also the founder and CEO of Parris Optics International a designer frame company that wholesales their frames to eye care practices all over the world. Dr. Lange is directly responsible for a new super high quality designer line called Parris Optics Attitude Collection. This collection of frames uses the highest quality metals and plastics using the latest in Italian materials and colors. The Attitude collection will be available early 2013.  He is also founder and CEO of Blue light Defense/ Blue Light Shield a lens company using the very latest in Blue light filtering properties.

Locations in The Villages

lange_ocala_2011_smMichael Lange OD, CNS , Ocala eye doctor states that he is just getting started and is excited about what the future holds for eye care and for the health of his patients. He is constantly crusading to find better ways to provide a higher standard and quality of health care to the patients of Lange Eye Care and The Lange Eye Institute.

Dr. Lange opened and new concept in Clearwater in 2011 called the Lange Nutrition Center. The Lange Nutrition Center is all organic combination coffee shop, smoothie bar, vitamin shop and whole foods all in one location. Dr. Lange thoroughly researches every item before it is sold in the nutrition center. Dr. Lange plans on expanding this concept in the near future. This location was sold when he sold all of his eye care centers in 2016 and moved to the New Fortifeye Vitamins and Paleo Simplified distribution center in Ocala Florida on 17th street.

Chief optometrist and founder of Lange Eye Care and Associates

Dr. Michael Lange, optometrist and founder of Lange Eye Care pledges to his patients and the community. “If you want the highest standard of eye care available come to any Lange Eye Care location od The Lange Eye Institute.  We stay abreast of the latest changes and are constantly updating our centers when newer or better technology is available. All of our doctors go above and beyond in the examination process and will go over each and every diagnosis and any treatment options available. ” The doctors at Lange Eye Care  and The Lange Eye Institute also go above the mandatory amounts of continuing education yearly to ensure they are staying abreast of the latest changes.

More information: Dr. Michael P. Lange is a Board Certified Optometric Physician and a Certified Nutrition Specialist who started Lange Eye Care and Associates in Ocala, Florida, in March 1993. Lange Eye Care opened 13 locations throughout the state of Florida with three surgery centers. The Lange Eye Institute at The Villages in central Florida is home base for many of the nutritional studies that Fortifeye is involved in. Dr. Lange is one of the first doctors in the industry to utilize intracellular blood tests and blood absorption studies to improve the Fortifeye vitamin line. Dr. Lange travels the world for nutritional research gathering valuable information to continuously improve Fortifeye vitamin formulations. Dr. Lange is still involved in the clinical practice of eyecare. He is a guest lecturer, contributing author to many eyecare magazines, and a daily syndicated talk show host of ‘Ask The Doctor’ which broadcasts every weekday at 9am, Fridays at 11 and Saturdays at 9am -11 am from Tampa Bay on radio stations throughout the country and video streaming all over the world via the Internet and social media . I heart radio , Facebook , You tube (ocular health channel) and Intune Radio Along with many other sites . You can listen to his latest talk shows on his podcast site “ask the doctor”. 

The growth of Lange Eye Care and Associates

Dr. Lange has also been a clinical investigator for some of the largest contact lens companies. This qualifies him not only to address eye care issues, but also to analyze the psychological effects of vision disorders and the affect lifestyle and nutrition can have on them.

After graduation from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in Philadelphia, Dr. Lange returned to his hometown for specialized training at the Eye Surgery Center of Louisiana and St. Charles Vision. While there, a demographic study of the country revealed that Marion County had one of the fastest growing geriatric populations in the country. In March of 1993, Dr. Lange relocated to Ocala and opened his first office.

His patient base grew so fast, he outgrew his office in the Gateway Plaza within 5 years. In September 1999, Lange Eye Care and Associates opened their new state-of -the-art 12,000 sq. ft. clinical facility featuring the latest advancements in eye care technology on State Road 200 across from the Paddock Mall. This state-of-the-art clinic features all the latest advancements in medical, laser, surgical, optical and nutritional treatments for the eyes and face. The center has a specialty procedures suite for ocular and oculoplastic procedures.

Almost from his arrival in Florida, Dr. Lange had his eye on the Gainesville market. In 1995, he brought his patient education-centered philosophy to an office in the Oaks Mall. In July of 1999, he relocated to a brand new total eye care center in Butler Plaza West, next door to Target. This center also houses a state of the art LASIK surgical suite with two of the latest excimer lasers for all forms of refractive laser surgery.

In 2005, Dr. Lange opened the first Lange Eye Care Vision Outlet Center in Summerfield, Florida. Lange Eye Care decided there was a huge need for a Vision Outlet Eye Care Center in the area. The Lange Eye Care Vision Outlet Center has a state of the art eye care center with the latest technology to aid the doctors in diagnosing and treating diseases of the eye.

The Lange Eye Care Vision Outlet Center has 1,000 frames to pick from ranging in price from $19.95 and up. These are not cheap no name brands, but very nice designer brands that are marked down as much as 80 to 90%. The Lange Eye Care Vision Outlet Center has pure titanium and flexible memory metals as low as $69. The Lange Eye Care Vision Outlet Center also has higher priced designer frames as well.

If you are looking for great quality at a great savings, the drive to Summerfield is worth it. Dr. Madeline Hernandez is seeing new patients and take emergency walk-ins at this location.

lange_ocala_office_2011_smLange Eye Care are also has laser centers in The Villages and Clearwater. In November 2006 the Lange Eye Institute was completed in The Villages of Lady Lake, Florida bringing the latest advancements in eye care to all of central Florida. The Lange Eye Institute is 25,000 sq ft and has the latest in advanced technology for primary and surgical eye care. The Lange Eye Institute also has a hearing center,  Oculoplastic wing,  low vision center, complete oculoplastic surgical suite and an ambulatory surgery center coming soon. There is a complete blood lab upstairs that makes it very convenient for patients needing blood work of any type. Dr. Lange utilizes the blood lab for intracellular studies for nutritional research in the development of nutraceuticles for eye care. 2003 Dr Lange opened a Lange Eye Care on University of Florida campus.

In November 2006 Lange Eye Care and Associates opened an office in west Ocala located at the Triple Crown Plaza.

In August 2008 Lange Eye Care and Associates opened an office in Inverness located in Time Square. Also in 2008 Dr Lange opened Lange Eye Care Williston.

zeiss_clearwaterJanuary 5, 2009, Lange Eye Care and Associates opened a new Primary Eye Care Center and LASIK Center in Clearwater, Florida in Campus Walk Plaza on Drew and US 19.

Pictured at the right is our new optical system which makes it possible to produce ZEISS Customized lenses using i.Scription and deliver your best vision possible.

January 2009, Dr. Michael Lange became one of four Optometric Physicians in the country to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist through the American College of Nutrition.

January 2010, Dr. Michael Lange’s talk show “Ask the Doctor”, went syndicated daily Monday- Saturday from 9-10 on multiple networks throughout the South and live video streaming all over the world via the internet.

May 2010, Dr. Michael Lange spent a month in Denmark and Norway researching the very latest in Omega three from different species of fish, krill and squid and developed Fortifeye Super Omega as a result of this research. Fortifeye Super Omega is one of the purest and most concentrated triglyceride form omega 3 fish oils available. Fortifeye Super Omega is being utilized by health care practitioners from all over the globe.

June 2010, Dr Michael Lange opened the Lange Eye Care Optical Gallery and LASIK Center in Sunset Plaza, Clearwater Florida. This is the FIRST eye care center in the country using the latest in Zeiss Eye Scription refractive technology.

In November 2011, Lange Eye Care and Optical Gallery opens in Citrus Hills.

In May 2012, Lange Eye Care and Associates opens in Tampa.

In June 2012, Lange Eye Care and Associates added a complete Medical and Surgical Retina Clinic to our Ocala Office.

Dr. Michael Lange decided to try a new concept in the Clearwater area; The Lange Eye Care Sun and Nutrition Center. The Lange Eye Care Sun and Nutrition Center will offer very unique and hard to find organic vitamins and herbal supplements, organic coffees, teas and wines of all types, the very latest in natural ways of improving overall health and sunglasses of all types in a relaxing atmosphere. The Lange Eye Care Sun and Nutrition center opened in November 2010 on Drew Street and US 19.

October 2013 The Lange Eye Institute opened  a complete fully staffed Oculoplastic center on the first floor. John LiVEcchi MD is the new Director Of Oculoplastics for Lange Eye Care.

February2014 Dr Michael Lange opened Lange Eye Care Uptown Optical Gallery and Nutrition Center, in the Square in Ocala Florida. This will be the first super high end optical gallery  and nutrition center in Florida. The office will also have a full time optometric physician to do eye exams, contact lens exams and diagnose and treat most eye diseases. This office is located on 42 S Magnolia Ave in the downtown Square in Ocala. It is in between the Marion Theater and Starbucks.The ultimate in exclusive designer eye wear is at this location. Frames like Dita, Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith, Sama, Tiffany, Matsuda, English Laundry Wood Collection, Parris Optics Attitude collection,  Tod, Zero G, Kata,  Tom Ford, Prada, Mont Blanc and many many more.


In the back is an evidence based nutrition center with the latest in Doctor developed and studied nutritional supplements.  Supplements like Biopharma, Douglas Labs, Fortifeye, Life Extensions, Organic Greenand White Teas, Organic Gogi Berries and Organic Cacoa Snips, High PH Water in Glass bottles adn BPA fre bottles,  Undenatured whey protein isolates and concentrates, Pre and post work out powders, Organic Coconut oil in glass jars, Manuka Honey, Organic Pomagranate and Tart Cherry juice and much much more!