Our Lab and Premium Digital Lenses.

Lange Eye Care - Lab

Our lab has a huge inventory of all of the latest most advanced optical lenses available today.

We have one of the most advanced fully computerized optical labs capable of making almost any prescription to exact specifications ordered by the Doctor in almost any material.

We will fill a prescription from any Doctor. So whether you are in the need of a bifocal, trifocal, progressive lens or polarized prescription sunglasses look to us for quality and satisfaction.

If you are looking for the lightest, thinnest, lens in the world, it can be found at the Lange Eye Institute. If you have Macular Degeneration or there is a family history of it and u want the best protection then u will want a Blue Blocking lens or a Blue Filtering lens like , Blue Light Defense, Blue Light Shield or True Blue !

We also carry many specialty sport frames with top brand lenses, many that can be fitted with your prescription such as: Swim Goggles, Snow Ski Goggles, Shooters,  Mountain Biking eye wear, Motocross and Streetbike eye wear and Scuba-Diving Masks. What ever your sporting needs we have the optical answer.

Lange Eye Care - Lab

Our lab is capable of producing the most intricate detailed optical work. All of our lab personnel and master opticians have years of experience and training.

We can duplicate your prescription, fill a prescription from another Doctor, and provide you with a new prescription.

There are several options for your lenses:

Dr Michael Lange and the Lange Eye Institute offers the newest most advanced lens for filtering out the blue light called Blue Light Defense , Blue Light Shield .  This new lens technology is available in single vision , bifocal and progressive lens  designs.  Lange Eye Institute now offers  Blue Light Defense and Blue Light Shield lenses in an all exclusive  progressive german lens design  called LEC advanced, LEC extreme and LEC extreme Custom.  This combination of Blue Light Defense/ Blue Light Shield and LEC progressives gives the best visual performance and best protection money can buy!! learn more about Blue Light Defense ://Www.bluelightdefense.com

Back surface free form digital Progressive lenses

Top Progressive lens Lange Eye Care offers is Blue Light Defense / Blue Light Shield  Progressive called Blue Defense Extreme. This is a clear lens that comes with an antiglare coating and scratch coating in a high index material that filters the harmful blue light.  read what Dr Lange says about it :http://www.drmichaellange.com/uncategorized/blue-light-defense-introduces-all-new-digital-free-form-progressive-lens/

Transition Vantage Polarized lenses and all Transition lenses are avaialble

Blue Defense Extreme Progressive. is the newest and best Lange Eye Care offers  ( First in the world to have this lens)

New Ophthalmic Blue Light Defense or Blue Light Shield  – the most advanced blue filtering lens in the world. this lens is clear, no yellow color or purple haze!

Lange Eye Institute also carries Varilux lenses,Learn more about these progressive lenses  you can now purchase at Lange Eye Care: http://www.variluxusa.com/varilux-s-series/Pages/default.aspx

Learn about the differnt types of Crizal  anti glare lenses and see which one is right for you? http://www.crizalusa.com/Crizal-Lenses/Pages/default.aspx

the latest science an label for Blue Light Defense  LangeBlueLightDefenseLabel 

Here is the layout of the new Blue Defense Extreme Progressive lens  photoMA30638409-0005

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