Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist host of “Ask the Dr”

Dr Michael Lange hosting “ask the dr” live talk show

Dr Michael Lange optometrist and nutrition specialist  Hosts Live Radio Talk Shows
Since March of 1993, Many shows will come an go on a multitude of days and stations but Saturday will always be broadcast from 9-11 am eastern time. Call in for live radio question 877 969-8600 during the broadcast on Saturday am.

Dr. Michael P. Lange  of The Lange Eye Institute is the host of a syndicated  live call in talk show called “Ask the Dr” . The programs focus on eye care, nutrition and anti aging .  Dr. Lange, an expert in treatment and prevention states,
“ I was interested in doing the shows because, prevention plays such a large role in today’s eye care programs. I Feel we need to educate people about eye care to prevent needless eye damage and vision loss.”  Proper nutrition plays a huge role on visual health as well as overall health. He states ” God made a pretty good body and as long as it has the right fuel it will perform well”  Dr Lange says his show is also about educating his listeners and viewers about what the right fuel is. Dr Lange has been involved in Research with diets over the years and in 2020 came out with a wellness diet called the Lange Survival Diet  He recommends everyone follow this diet and lifestyle

The purpose of these shows is to increase vision and nutritional health awareness in all age groups.

Dr. Lange’s acedemic experience  and  clinical training qualifies him to discuss the latest in eye care and nutrition , including all advancements in medical, surgical, optical and nutritional interventions. Dr Lange has one of the longest running  popular Dr hosted talk show in the country since  April 1993 non stop. Now he can also be heard and viewed  on  almost all podcast channels as well as  I heart radio ,  InTune Radio, twitter, instagram, linkedin, U tube,  Facebook, Periscope.  Watch past videos of the show here: ://m.youtube.com/user/OcularHealth

Dr. Michael Lange hosting “Ask the Doctor” on 12/31/16

Dr. Michael Lange hosting popular live radio talk show “Ask the Doctor” on the latest in nutrition, anti aging and eye care.

Tune in and call with your eye care questions for Dr. Lange:

LIVE Video Stream: Watch Dr. Michael Lange live as he hosts popular talk show “As the Doctor”

WGUL 860 AM / 93.7 FM Tampa
Saturday 9am-10am

WLSS 930 am Sarasota
Saturday 9am-10am
Sunday 11am-12pm

WGST 640 AM – Atlanta
Saturday – 9am-10pm

WIXC 1060 AM – Space Coast, Brevard Big Talker
Monday – Friday, 9am-10pm
Saturday – 9:05am-10:00am

WWBA 820 AM  – Tampa, Bay
Saturday – 9am – 10am
877 969-8600 ( live call in line)

WRZN 720 AM – Hernando, 877 969-8600; Ocala,
WSKY 97.3 FM – Ocala; Gainesville, 877 969-8600
Call Toll Free 1-877-969-8600
Saturday – 9am-10am

WHNZ 1250 AM – Tampa Bay, Impact Radio
Saturday – 9:05am-10am

WHOO 1080 – Orlando, ESPN The Team, 877-969-8600
Monday – Friday – 9am-11pm

WWBA 820 AM – Tampa Bay
Saturday – 9am-10pm

WWBA 820 AM – Tampa Bay
Call Toll Free 877 969-8600
Saturday – 9am-10pm

If you miss one of his programs you can call Fortifeye Vitamins at 866 503 9746 to find out what was discussed. Email Dr Lange directly at eyedude92@Icloud.com or watch all the videos of his talk show “ask the dr” on U Tube Ocular Health channel.


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