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Dr. Michael P. Lange is a member of the following:

  • American Optometric Association
  • Dr. Lange is a certified Nutritional Specialist by the American
  • College of Nutrition
  • American Optometric Association (Contact Lens and Cornea Division)
  • Florida Optometric Association
  • North Central Florida Optometric Association
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau of Gainesville, Florida
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau of Ocala, Florida
  • Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Gainesville, Florida
  • Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Ocala, Florida
  • Advisory Board for Kodak
  • Advisory Board for Beautiful Eyes
  • Advisory Board for Pragmatic Organics
  • Chairman of the Board for Fortifeye Vitamins
  • Chairman of the Board for Express Contacts
  • Chairman of the Board for Express Sunglasses
  • Dr. Lange hosts the popular talk show “Ask The Doctor” 5 times a week since 1993 to current
  • Member of the Ocular Nutrition Society
  • Chairman/CEO of Parris Optics International
  • Dr. Lange provides Q & A on
  • On Advisory Board and contributing author to numerous Eye Care magazines
  • Dr. Lange is a moderator on multiple eye care web sites
  • Member of multiple philanthropic organizations to help children’s vision and the vision impaired
  • Dr. Lange is a founding member of The Green PolkaDot Box
  • Received the Presidential Who’s Who Award October 2011
  • President and CEO of Blue Light Defense and Blue LIght Shield lens companies
  • President and CEO of Paleo Simplified
  • SCCA full competition race car driver ( 2018 season racing Fortifeye Viper ACR extreme and Viper ACR VoodooII)

Dr. Lange has also participated in many contact lens and contact lens solution clinical studies as a Clinical Investigator. Dr. Lange is heavily involved in designing and implementing nutritional studies to aid in the development of science based nutraceuticles.

Lange Eye Institute

surgerycenter4sm Located at the intersection of Hwy 466 and CR 101 The Villages, Florida Phone: 1-352-753-4014 – Mon-Fri 8:00 AM – 5:00

Our Office at The Villages, Florida:

Lange Eye Institute Located at the intersection of Hwy 466 and CR 101 The Villages, Florida Phone: 352-753-4014
Mon-Fri 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Offering Primary Eye Care, Ophthalmology / Optometry, Facial & Cosmetic Surgery, Laser & Cataract Surgery, 1 Hour Optical

Lange Eye Care supports Children’s Program

by J. Goodson, December 1, 2011, Lange Eye Care & Associates care about their patients and the community. According to a recent press release, Dr. Michael Lange, Optometrist, Certified Nutrition Specialist and Owner of Lange Eye Care
& Associates has donated to many community outreach programs. All of the Doctors of Lange Eye Care & Associates have come together and have provided thousands of underprivileged children free eye exams and glasses through Florida Vision Quest,
a non-profit organization that works to ensure the academic and social success of Florida’s children. Last year 16,259 children benefited from this program throughout Florida. Also, Lange Eye Care has partnered with Marion County Public Schools
through their Homeless Children and Youth Program. Each month they will be focusing on a specific need for the program. In December, they will be collecting children pajamas. In January, they will be collecting donations for jackets, sweatshirts
and hoodies. In addition to the monthly drives items needed on a regular basis include: school supplies, new clothes, new socks, new sneakers, new underwear and personal hygiene products. All proceeds collected will go directly to the children.
Also, Dr. Lange will also be sponsoring “The Gift of Sight”, a free exam day and glasses for these children in February. Lange Eye Care & Associates has been involved with the Vitamin Angel organization. Though donations Lange Eye Care & Associates
has helped sponsor the dosing of essential micronutrient supplements to pregnant women and children in the United States and 26 countries around the world. The most recent project Lange Eye Care & Associates has had the privilege of partnering
with is called “Wear and Share”. This program is sponsored by the designer eyewear brand “Eyes of Faith”. Similar to the Tom’s Shoes concept “buy a pair, give a pair”, every frame Lange Eye Care & Associates purchase for their optical galleries,
“Eyes of Faith” will donate one complete pair of glasses or sunglasses to a third world nation through an organization called Sight Ministries. Additional projects Lange Eye Care & Associates support include: Local Area High School Athletic Programs,
High School shadowing programs, the free clinic at Our Lady of la Guadalupe and community health fairs.

For more information, call 352 753-4014 

Testimonials for Dr. Michael Lange and Fortifeye Vitamins

“I have known Dr. Lange for many years in and out of the eye care field, his work ethic and attention to details is outstanding. These products he has at Fortifeye are one of the best if not the best because of the research and ingredients placed
in his products. I can recommend any without hesitation–Big L” May 25, 2010
Big L Scott, Owner, NOLA EYEWORKS “Dr. Lange is one of the most well versed optometric physicians I have ever met. He is keenly aware of what role nutritional deficiencies may play as it relates to specific conditions of the
eye. His supplement line is based on years of research as to which products and ingredients would best meet the needs of his patients and their medical condition. Dr. Lange stresses the importance of early prevention and Fortifeye is key to achieving
not only optimal eye health but overall health as well.” March 29, 2010
Tammie Holland, Region Manager/ Florida, SpectraCell Laboratories “Dr. Lange is the only doctor I would ever recommend for complete eye care and for nutritional expertise. The Fortifeye vitamin line he developed has made a huge
difference for my physical well being that I first noticed about two months after I began using the supplements. My distant vision became clearer. Afterwards I noticed a difference in my level of overall energy.” March 29, 2010 Top qualities:
Great Results, Personable, Expert
Larry Whitler Radio Talk show host and musician “Dr. Michael is the most innovative optometrist that I have ever known. He continues to expand his practices and businesses in a down economy and succeed. I really enjoyed working
for Dr. Michael and hope to do so again in the future when we return to Florida. I also highly recommend Fortifeye vitamins and use them myself. I can’t wait to see where his career will take him next!!” March 28, 2010
Lori Caputi, Optometrist, ECCA-Visionworks “As a doctor, I always want to do what is best for my patients. I have always known that nutrition is important, not only for the eyes, but for the overall well-being of the person. When
I witnessed fellow optometrist, Dr. Mike Lange level of expertise and passion, I knew I wanted to learn more. Dr. Lange taught me the value of concentrating on my patient’s nutritional needs. He makes it simple for me to understand and simple
for me to explain to my patients. I recommend the Fortifeye line of vitamins and supplements, with confidence. I also take the vitamins myself.” March 28, 2010
Mike Rothschild, President / Optometrist, West Georgia Eye Care “I have found Fortifeye provides a higher levels of nutrients, vitamins, and anti-oxidants than Centrum. The most surprising aspect, Fortifeye costs me less,” March
28, 2010
Bill Heiny, Student, Xavier University “Dr. Michael Lange is an extremely knowledgeable physician who cares for his patients well-being. I am pleased to have worked and experienced the level of detail, care and professionalism
that he exhibits. I personally take his vitamins and fish oil. I have experienced the benefits with regards to my energy levels and managing my blood pressure. I highly recommend his products.” March 28, 2010
Al Hernandez, Regional Practice Leader, Humana “Dr Michael P Lange is a leader in the fields of vision care, optometry, and nutrition, and has developed Fortifeye, a new line of pharmaceutical vitamins.” March 15, 2010
Kevin Tambling, Sr Consultant, Accelerated Global, Inc. “Over my lifetime I have had to use many doctors for my low vision problem. To date NO other doctor has ever explained my problem or tried to help obtain the best vision
passable like Dr. Lange has. I would drive hundreds of miles just for his service.” February 18, 2010 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Michael Durham

Lange Eye Care and Associates
“Dr. Michael Lange is the main reason for my move to North Central Florida from South Florida. He is a pioneer in the field of nutritional eye care and his patients absolutely love him! Many of his patients
have been with him since he started practice in Florida and they refuse to see any other doctor. He was the first eye doctor in FL to use intracellular nutrient blood testing and this is a huge asset we both use to better manage our macular degeneration
and glaucoma patients. Many of his patients have told me that he is responsible for their recovery of lost vision through improved diet, supplements, and lastly surgery. I highly recommend Mike Lange, OD.” December 26, 2008
Dr. Nathan Schramm, Doctor, Lange Eye Care

Lange Eye Care and Associates “Dr. Michael Lange is not only the “Eye Care” physician of my entire family he is also the firm believer in better food for a better life. He thinks out side the box to deliver the best in eye care
for everyone. When he could not find supplements that were good enough. that promoted better vision, He created them. that is dedication and good honest caring for your clients. Something we all need to see more of.” March 25, 2009Top qualities:
Great Results, Expert, Creative
Al Rosas

Dr. Michael Lange Dr. Michael Lange ,I have told you many times personally how much I appreciate your professional care of my eyes and wanted to go on record finally. My belief is that what has set you apart from other eye care
providers is not only your formal education but your drive to learn everything that might affect eye health and how best to use this continually increasing knowledge to improve your care. The other characteristic that sets you apart is the fact
that you care enough to give whatever time it takes to best serve me. I have heard this from other patients as well. Thanks
Gene McConnell, Ocala Magazine Dr. Michael P. Lange is one of the most progressive Doctors in eye care, as well as one of the most creative business owners. He is tireless in his research to elevate his eye care practices and
the level of care he provides to each patient. Dr. Michael Lange’s opinions and advice are essential for our organization as we consider new products, services and programs for private eye care practices. For the most advanced eye care, I recommend
visiting Dr. Michael Lange at one of his eight Lange Eye Care and Associates locations throughout Florida.” August 5, 2010
Dave Delle Donne, VP Sales, Carl Zeiss Vision I have been a patient of Dr. Michael Lange since 1993 and as far as I am concerned he is the only eye doctor I trust with my eyes. Once when I tore my cornea (or whatever it was that
I tore) with a contact lens he met me at the office at 7 AM to advise me what to do. I now live in Bristol, TN, and when I was due for my last exam I traveled down to Ocala, Fla. just for his opinion. Just can’t trust no other doc but Dr. Michael
P. Lange. My boss lady, Mrs. Freeman Keyes, was 94 yrs old and she thought he was the most brilliant guy on radio. She never missed his radio show, “Ask The Doctor.” I will continue to put my trust in Lange Eye Care and Dr. Michael Lange as long
as I am alive.
Mona Peacock, Bristol, TN