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Dr. Nathan Schramm, Doctor, Lange Eye Care

“Dr. Michael Lange is the main reason for my move to North Central Florida from South Florida. He is a pioneer in the field of nutritional eye care and his patients absolutely love him! Many of his patients have been with him since he started practice in Florida and they refuse to see any other doctor. He was the first eye doctor in FL to use intracellular nutrient blood testing and this is a huge asset we both use to better manage our macular degeneration and glaucoma patients. Many of his patients have told me that he is responsible for their recovery of lost vision through improved diet, supplements, and lastly surgery. I highly recommend Mike Lange, OD.” December 26, 2008

Al Rosas

Lange Eye Care and Associates

“Dr. Michael Lange is not only the “Eye Care” physician of my entire family he is also the firm believer in better food for a better life. He thinks out side the box to deliver the best in eye care for everyone. When he could not find supplements that were good enough. that promoted better vision, He created them. that is dedication and good honest caring for your clients. Something we all need to see more of.” March 25, 2009Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Gene McConnell, Ocala Magazine

Dr. Michael Lange ,I have told you many times personally how much I appreciate your professional care of my eyes and wanted to go on record finally. My belief is that what has set you apart from other eye care providers is not only your formal education but your drive to learn everything that might affect eye health and how best to use this continually increasing knowledge to improve your care. The other characteristic that sets you apart is the fact that you care enough to give whatever time it takes to best serve me. I have heard this from other patients as well.

Dave Delle Donne, VP Sales, Carl Zeiss Vision

Dr. Michael P. Lange is one of the most progressive Doctors in eye care, as well as one of the most creative business owners. He is tireless in his research to elevate his eye care practices and the level of care he provides to each patient. Dr. Michael Lange’s opinions and advice are essential for our organization as we consider new products, services and programs for private eye care practices. For the most advanced eye care, I recommend visiting Dr. Michael Lange at one of his eight Lange Eye Care and Associates locations throughout Florida.” August 5, 2010

Mona Peacock, Bristol, TN

I have been a patient of Dr. Michael Lange since 1993 and as far as I am concerned he is the only eye doctor I trust with my eyes. Once when I tore my cornea (or whatever it was that I tore) with a contact lens he met me at the office at 7 AM to advise me what to do. I now live in Bristol, TN, and when I was due for my last exam I traveled down to Ocala, Fla. just for his opinion. Just can’t trust no other doc but Dr. Michael P. Lange. My boss lady, Mrs. Freeman Keyes, was 94 yrs old and she thought he was the most brilliant guy on radio. She never missed his radio show, “Ask The Doctor.” I will continue to put my trust in Lange Eye Care and Dr. Michael Lange as long as I am alive.

Sean C – Fortifeye Super Omega-3

Fortifeye Super Omega-3 and Fortifeye Focus Testimonial

I suffer from post-LASIK severe dry eye syndrome now for three years. I have lived in locations ranging from Anchorage, AK, to Denver, CO, to my final destination of Outerbanks, NC.

I have studied all aspects of what makes my dry eyes better and worse. The easy ones, snow skiing, flights, computers, reading, and dwelling on how I screwed my eyes up worsen my condition. Humidity helps; in particular, humidity levels greater than 80% really helps, but greater than 70% is not too bad either. Once I get to humidity levels less than 60%, it doesn’t matter where I am, it often sucks.

Oddly, my eyes did worse in Anchorage than Denver. Now oddities are probably individualized, for instance: kite surfing and surfing only worsen my condition that following night (but if I flush my eyes with fresh water afterward, it is not as bad); however my eyes do a little better the following two or three days after being in the salt water.

Reading on the computer while blowing into a hot drink provides humidity/moisture relief. Coffee does not make my eyes worse. Two beers makes my eyes red and then dry the following morning, but they improve within hours.

Various drops seem to only provide relief for minutes. Thicker drops provide burning relief but are “bulky” and thus mildly uncomfortable in my eye.

Due to having small punctum, I am unsure if lower plugs provide a large relief or not. They seem to help me with my morning wake up dry eyes. So they have their place. Have not tried the upper plugs yet.

Looking for an answer, and seeing none, I sought advice from Dr. Michael Lange in Ocala Florida.

Feeling I would try anything, I tried Fortifeye Focus and Fortifeye Super Omega-3. For six months, living in North Carolina with elevated humidity levels, I finally decreased my drop requirements from 4-6 times per day, to mornings only. Unsure if it was the vitamins or humidity, I would trial stopping the vitamins. Three various periods, with humidity levels at least over 70%, on cessation day # ~5, my eyes starting bothering me more. Each time I restarted the vitamins, and within a few days my eyes felt better.

Still unsure if other factors were weighing in on these trials, when my eyes felt the best they have in three years, I stopped the vitamins. Within two weeks, I felt my eyes gradually get worse. They had regressed to roughly their original dry levels. Thinking there was no hope, as I did not fly anywhere, had no recent colds, had not changed any daily factors, nor had the humidity levels dropped less than 70%; I was nervous. I restarted the vitamins (taking two Fortifeye Super Omega-3 and one Fortifeye Focus) and after three weeks, my eyes are close to being back to as good as they ever have been.

I cannot stress the importance of sleep, as well.

I think dry eyes is really an individualized syndrome. However, for me, the vitamins seem to help. I believe they might be as effective as punctal plugs for me. More importantly, they seem to calm some of the inflammatory response / burning for whatever reason.

At this point, I view the Fortifeye vitamins, more as a medicine, without the side effects. And with this medicine, I take it daily and now confidently believe the combination of sleep and Fortifeye has made a significant difference in my life.

Sean C