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Blue Light Defense is the Best Pair of Glasses I have ever had!


Thanks to listening to one of Dr. Lange’s  radio shows I am wearing the most amazing pair of glasses I have ever had. I have worn progressive lenses for the last 20 years and they have all been pretty good but the new Blue Light Defense progressive  (I think they are called  Blue Defense Extreme)  I have had for a few months is amazing.  I am on a computer 8 hours  a day at work and then another three hours  at home.  My eyes feel much less strained now since I have these new lenses. The biggest benefit I have found is I am sleeping much better since I have been wearing these new glasses.  I have read up on the science behind these lenses and how they block the harmful blue light coming from my computer and daily environment. The blue light causes melatonin levels to drop which causes sleep impairment.  Well they are working and I don’t think it is the placebo effect! I highly recommend these lenses to everyone that is working on a computer.  Thanks Lange Eye Care for staying ahead of the times.   Elizabeth Mack

Blue Light Defense and Blue Defense Extreme Progressive lens tops in the industry!

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Blue Light Defense now offers one of the top Progressive lens designs in the world called Blue Defense Extreme.

This is a brand new blue filtering monomer that filters out over 99% of the harmful blue light between 400-420nm, filters about 60% from 420-430, filters about 30% from 430-440 and filters about 16% from 440-450.  The Blue Defense Extreme Progressive is a German engineered progressive  that is a digital free form design.  This design has an extremely wide corridor that allows for maximum visual performance at all ranges of vision.  This progressive lens comes in three materials 1.60, 1.67 and trivex.  This is the very latest in blue filtering technoogy. Blue light protection is a hot topic right now to minimize the blue light damage to the eyes.  Research has implicated chronic blue light exposure with increased risk of macular degeneration. Studies also indicate that filtering the blue light especially in the evening may improve sleep patterns. The doctors at Lange Eye Care have had multiple testimonials from patients stating they have improved sleep patterns once they started wearing the Blue Light Defense lenses.  Dr Lange also states he has more dreams at night since wearing the Blue light  Defense lenses so he claims he must be going into the REM phase of sleep which is the most restful.   New University based research is sugestting that  blue light exposure in the pm may reduce melatonin levels.  Decreased melatonin levels are associated with many potential health problems. here is a link that goes into more detail  in regards to the damaging effects of blue light   http://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/blue-light-has-a-dark-side   Dr Michael Lange says the Blue Light Defense is one of the best investments people can make for their health.  To learn more about Blue Light Defense lenses go to www.bluelightdefense.com