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Steps and Precautions to prepare for any Virus like the Coronavirus by Dr Michael Lange

Virus like the Coronavirus

Dr Michael Lange has compiled a list of things everyone should do to be pro active against any type of virus including the Coronavirus. If these recommendations are followed then it could minimize your exposure and possibly decrease the chances of contracting the Coronavirus virus or any other virus. Once the virus is contracted this may decrease the severity and symptoms due to an improved immune system. Obviously if you have an upper respiratory problem and /or fever see you PCP asap.

  1. Wash hands frequently for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap, after washing hands use the towel or tissue to turn the water off so you will not touch the faucet with clean hands. Use hand sanitizers during the day if you can’t wash your hands. The hand sanitizer should be at least 60% alcohol.
  2. Wash hair after a big event and every night before bed. The hair is a great place for the virus to hang out and then contaminate your sheets and pillows at night.
  3. Use a cloth or tissue to open doors, turn on and off lights or push elevator buttons
  4. No hand shaking, fist bump or better yet and elbow bump as a greeting. A non touching air shake is the best.
  5. Wear glasses preferably with a wrap or protective seal around the rim to protect eyes from viral entry especially if in a crowded environment like airport, bus, airplane, concert,conference or rally.
  6. Wear a mask that covers nose and mouth to minimize viral entry into lungs and to protect others from a cough or sneeze. The mask will also help to prevent individuals from touching their face and spreading the virus to an entry zone like mouth or nose.
  7. Try not to touch any part of the face during the day including ears, mouth, nose or eyes.
  8. Stay away from largely populated areas like church, rallies, conference, concert, sporting events etc..
  9. Wipe down areas you may be in contact with during the day with Clorox, lysol, bleach ethanol/alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide.
  10. Drink plenty of spring water to keep the mucous membranes moist and to boost immune system. It is very easy to become dehydrated when you are ill from coughing, vomiting, sneezing or loose stools.
  11. Try to get a minimum of 6-8 hrs of sleep every night, a good nights rest will also boost your immune system.
  12. Vitamin D and Vitamin C both have anti viral properties so if in the warmer climate go out in the sun with minimal clothing for 30-45 minutes five days a week and you will get plenty of vitamin d, do not bathe for about eight hrs after tanning so you will not wash away the oils that are allowing absorption of the vitamin d. If you can’t get out in the sun then a minimum of 2000 iu of vitamins d3 daily or more if over weight and darkly pigmented. Vitamin c comes from citrus fruits or taking a vitamin c supplement daily. Recommended dosage is usually 500 mg twice a day however more can be taken. Too much vitamin c at one time will cause loose stools. There is some evidence that zinc and omega 3 may also have some positive benefits during the pandemic.
  13. There is some evidence that a healthy microbiome will enhance immune system and decrease chances of viral activity. Recommend eating some fermented food 3-4 times a week and taking a good probiotic at bed time.
  14. One of the best ways to strengthen the immune system and detox the body is by consuming a good non denatured grass fed whey protein isolate or concentrate daily. Make a smoothie and add some more immune boosting anti viral nutrients like Manuka honey or raw local honey, virgin organic coconut oil and some fruits like pineapple, organic blueberries, bananas or organic strawberries along with coconut milk or cashew milk. Non denatured grass fed whey isolate has some antiviral benefits.
  15. Respiratory droplets can be airborne for six feet so give plenty of room when walking around people that are coughing and sneezing. These viruses like the Coronavirus can remain live and contagious on a surface for 2 hrs and up to 9 days.
  16. Dr Michael Langes final recommendation is to get some spray colloidal silver and if you are in a relatively confined area like an airplane, bus or train spray the potential areas the virus can enter your body like the mouth, ears, nostrils and eye lashes ( close your eyes and spray to the lashes and rub into the lashes) multiple times during the journey. There is some scientific evidence that this may be beneficia against certain virus.

These 16 steps are not a cure for any virus and do not replace seeing your physician when ill. However this may reduce the chances of someone contracting the virus and may help reduce the severity once contracted. Dr Michael Lange is an optometric physician and Certified Nutrition Specialist he is the founder of Fortifeye Vitamins and has been involved in R&D of diets, supplements , oat free granolas and protein bars for over 20 years. Many of the supplements discussed in the article can be research further at

Dr Michael Lange develops new line of Sports Nutrition supplements called Fortifeye Perfomance Nutrition

Dr Michael Lange develops a complete line of sports nutrition supplements under the name Fortifeye Perfomance Nutrition . These supplements use only evidence based clinically studied nutrients and were developed to enhance muscle synthesis, strength and endurance at any age. These will be available in February 2020. Images below show Dr Lange after being on Fortifeye Fit one scoop pre workout and one scoop post workout for five months. Dr Lange states it is amazing what the body can do when given the right fuel to build muscle and strength.

Blue Light Defense is the Best Pair of Glasses I have ever had!


Thanks to listening to one of Dr. Lange’s  radio shows I am wearing the most amazing pair of glasses I have ever had. I have worn progressive lenses for the last 20 years and they have all been pretty good but the new Blue Light Defense progressive  (I think they are called  Blue Defense Extreme)  I have had for a few months is amazing.  I am on a computer 8 hours  a day at work and then another three hours  at home.  My eyes feel much less strained now since I have these new lenses. The biggest benefit I have found is I am sleeping much better since I have been wearing these new glasses.  I have read up on the science behind these lenses and how they block the harmful blue light coming from my computer and daily environment. The blue light causes melatonin levels to drop which causes sleep impairment.  Well they are working and I don’t think it is the placebo effect! I highly recommend these lenses to everyone that is working on a computer.  Thanks Lange Eye Care for staying ahead of the times.   Elizabeth Mack

Blue Light Defense and Blue Defense Extreme Progressive lens tops in the industry!

photoMA30638409-0005 photoMA30638400-0002


Blue Light Defense now offers one of the top Progressive lens designs in the world called Blue Defense Extreme.

This is a brand new blue filtering monomer that filters out over 99% of the harmful blue light between 400-420nm, filters about 60% from 420-430, filters about 30% from 430-440 and filters about 16% from 440-450.  The Blue Defense Extreme Progressive is a German engineered progressive  that is a digital free form design.  This design has an extremely wide corridor that allows for maximum visual performance at all ranges of vision.  This progressive lens comes in three materials 1.60, 1.67 and trivex.  This is the very latest in blue filtering technoogy. Blue light protection is a hot topic right now to minimize the blue light damage to the eyes.  Research has implicated chronic blue light exposure with increased risk of macular degeneration. Studies also indicate that filtering the blue light especially in the evening may improve sleep patterns. The doctors at Lange Eye Care have had multiple testimonials from patients stating they have improved sleep patterns once they started wearing the Blue Light Defense lenses.  Dr Lange also states he has more dreams at night since wearing the Blue light  Defense lenses so he claims he must be going into the REM phase of sleep which is the most restful.   New University based research is sugestting that  blue light exposure in the pm may reduce melatonin levels.  Decreased melatonin levels are associated with many potential health problems. here is a link that goes into more detail  in regards to the damaging effects of blue light   Dr Michael Lange says the Blue Light Defense is one of the best investments people can make for their health.  To learn more about Blue Light Defense lenses go to

Blue Light Defense

Blue Light Defense and similar lenses are the hottest technology to hit the optical industry this century says Dr Michael Lange .  For an eye doctor to be able to prescribe a lens that not only reduces eye strain and glare significantly but can filter certain wave lengths of  the potentially harmful blue violet rays of light from getting back to the retina is an incredible ability!   Now a new generation lens prescribed by your optometrist or ophthalmologist  at Lange Eye Care called Blue Light Defense may have all these abilities!  Isnt it time to take a look? Come to any Lange Eye Care location and see a demonstration of how the blue light is actually blocked and start gaining the ocular and  potential overall health benefits today. These lenses are almost  COMPLETELY CLEAR, NO YELLOW OR PURPLE HUE !   here is an article written by Dr Michael Lange expanding on the benefits of filtering the harmful blue light!  read

17 years of excellent care with Dr Lange

My wife Lynn and I have been going to Dr. Michael Lange at
Lange Eyecare in Gainesville, Florida since 1997. We first heard of him on
the radio, 97.3 The Sky where he did a weekly program. He is the most
compassionate professional we’ve ever met. Dr. Lange runs his practice only
with personnel that meet a high standard of courtesy and knowledge. Lynn
has an eye condition that could become serious, Dr. Lange not only
diagnosed it early enough that it is under control, but it’s his caring about
her and taking the time to explain all her options that have us recommending
him to friends and family.  Seventeen years of excellent care says alot.
Frank & Lynn Longo

Dr Michael Lange utilizes DNA testing to help Macular Degeneration patients

Dr Michael Lange is one of the first doctors in the country to  use DNA testing  to develop a nutritional  protocol for the patients with macular degeneration.  Macula Risk® PGx is a combined prognostic and pharmacogenetic DNA test designed to determine a patient’s risk of progression to advanced Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and aid in the selection of appropriate eye vitamin formulations for AMD based on his or her individual genetic risk profile.  Dr Lange has utilized this DNA testing clinically to help in the development of a line of nutritional supplements for Macular Degeneration .  Fortifeye Vitamins and Dr Lange have developed a line of Genotype directed supplements for macular degeneration.  All of the doctors at Lange Eye Care utilize the DNA tests to help them determine which Fortifeye Vitamin supplement will be best for their patients.  Once  a patient  is recommended a supplement based on age, weight, disease level and DNA they have a much higher chance of stabilizing and sometimes even improving.  Patients come for all over the country to The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages to see if they may be helped through DNA directed nutrition.  Come to one of the many Lange Eye Care locations to see if you are a candidate for DNA testing for macular degneration.

Lange Eye Care is fullly EMR now.

 Lange Eye care is now fully EMR ( electronic medical records)  in all ten locations.  Dr. Michael Lange  and his team researched EMR technology for two years and picked what system they think is best for their patients.   This enables a paperless office and allows the optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians, and the entire staff from the billing department to the labs to all be coordinated together.  This will also enable the doctors to communicate with each other and the  patients primary care physician more easily.  The bottom line is this new EMR technology will improve customer service and allow for the doctors and satff to have much better communication with insurance companies,  labs, pharmacies and other doctors. Ultimate goal is to continously stay abreast of the changing times and do whats best for our patients.

New Digital Free Form Back Surface Progressive lens Technology at Lange Eye Care

Truclear Progressive lens technolgy is the best in the industry!   Truclear has developed new digital back surface technology that enables almost anyone at any age to adapt to and do amazingly well with progressive lenses.  This technology gives the smoothest , clearest and widest visual zones of any progressive lens on the market.  This Progressive lens is only available at certain very select private practices and is not available in commercial chains or warehouse clubs.  This is the lens Dr Michael Lange now recommends to all of his patients.  It is also available with a few different levels of Visio anti reflective coatings that improve the visual perfomance and reduces scratching, smudges and protects the eyes from the harmful UV and Blue light.  Learn more at