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Susan Murtz, “Dr. Lange is my go to eye guy. He’s the best!!”

Dec 31, 2013

I have been going to Dr. Lange for 13 years when we first moved into the area. I heard him talking on the radio and his caring and helpful information caught my attention. Whether on the radio or in person he is always a pleasure to speak to and learn from. My interest in a more natural holistic approach to my eye health, was truly piqued after my first visit and I haven’t switched to anyone else. I have switched most of my other doctors as they don’t tend to listen. There is no doubt he has a very busy practice, but he still takes the time to explain how, why and what to help me maintain good vision. What’s even more incredible is his research and interest in cutting edge technology, nutrition, and supplements that help maintain my overall health. When he speaks to callers on the radio, he never tells people to come and see him, but suggests they get a second opinion if they are not getting optimum help with their eye problems. Like I stated above, “He’s my eye guy” and I feel he should be yours. God bless you, Dr. Lange.

Daniel Murtz, “Dr Lange is my Super Doc!”

Dec 31, 2013

How does he do it…umpteen offices, radio programs, research, and a gazillion patients to see per week? He’s my super Doc. He’s always pleasant with a smile and is a super professional. My confidence in him is unshakeable as he has been spot on concerning everything he’s recommended regarding my eye health since 2000. As a result of my last visit and his switching me to a new type lens that blocks blue light coming from electronics, my sleep pattern has improved. I have had sleep issues for decades. A quick word about his staff…they all seem to mirror his enthusiasm and professionalism in serving every patient. I would love to have him for a neighbor, but I don’t think I’d see too much of him. And in closing, this is one doctor visit I look forward to

Jay Welch, Lange Eye Care Professionals

Reviewed Jan 03, 2014

Dr  Michael Lange and his team have cared for my family’s eyes since 2001. We have never been disappointed by the services provided by Dr Lange or any of his capable associates. In fact, the Lange Doc’s and Staff have always exhibited excellence by providing compassionate, professional and capable care. I can’t imagine trusting our eye care to any other group.

Paul Steadman,

I have been listening to Dr. Langes radio show “Ask the Dr” for over 10 years! I have learned more about nutrition and anti aging from his hrly talk show than anywhere else. Dr. Michael Lange is the real deal, he calls it the way he sees it and explains everything so anyone can understand it. I have also been very happy with the care he and his Ocala Lange Eye Care offcie have provided for me and my family over the last ten years. Keep up the great work! I listen on wsky 97.3fm Saturday ams at 9am.

Darlene Rush, Health Management

I received Great care from Dr Michael Lange, in Ocala. The information he provided me on nutrition was amazing. He made a difference in my seeing ability and my overall health. The glasses were beautiful. Great selection. I certainly recommend Lange Eye Care –

Richard Knoble, Tri Athlete

Nutrition and exercise are so important for overall health and I am glad to see that Lange Eye Care really embraces that aspect. I am happy to have found an eye center that takes a holistic approach to eye care. Through Dr. Lange, I have learned even more about certain nutrients and have incorporated this knowledge in my own personalized nutrition plan. In regard to my eyes, my vision in the left eye used to be -3.25, now it is -2.25, my right eye improved the same amount, going form -1.25 to -.25. Most people as they age, their vision gets worse as mine did , but then after doing certain things nutritionally mine dramatically improved. I have also been impressed with all the doctors I have seen at Lange Eye Care. Thanks for the great care!

Scott Abott

I went and visited Dr. Lange in the beautiful Villages offices and picked up my new glasses and contacts, they fit perfect and my sight is now spot on. I also had the chance to speak to Dr. lange about the vitamins he provided me a few weeks before that have really improved my dry eye problems and my over all health. I am so glad I found a Dr. I can trust & takes the time to improve my health. Dr. Lange also set me up with a proper diet after reviewing my blood work and i must tell you, my wife and i feel and look amazing!
Dr. Lange gets 2 thumbs up.

Thanx Again Doc.

Tracey Obrien

For over a year now, I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Dr. Michael Lange in the eye care industry! From the very first time I met with Dr. Lange, I was highly impressed with his knowledge and expertise. It has been enlightening to have conversations on a professional level regarding business and also on a personal level regarding his Fortifeye supplements for dry eye. I have suffered with severe dry eye for most of my adult life and have tried every drop available to get some relief. I must say that I was extremely skeptical when I started taking the Fortifeye supplements but trusted Dr. Lange’s research and advice. What an incredible difference the Fortifeye supplements have made not only with my dry eye, but also with my overall health! I am so thankful I listened to Dr. Lange! My vitamins are now on auto-ship to me each month because I don’t ever want to run out! I look forward to learning more about the advantages of these supplements from Dr. Lange as we continue working together in the future

Scott Drapekin, strongly recommend Dr. Michael Lange

I would like to extend an invitation to anyone wanting a higher degree of physical health – DR MICHAEL LANGE. Although he specializes in eye care, his knowledge and expertise far exceed that of an ordinary eye doctor. Dr. Lange is on the cutting edge of modern medical technology. His passion and professionalism with his patients is evident. He spends countless hours on research and development of his craft (including his vitamin line), so it is with great pleasure that I strongly recommend Dr. Michael Lange and Lange Eye Care.

Mark A. Hanson, O.D. Eye Care of Iowa, P.C.

Fortifeye Focus Testimonial

I have been taking Fortifeye Focus for several months now. I am an optometrist and avid 58-year old runner. I noticed a month ago after my first 8K run of this race season that my leg muscles were not sore at all.

Last weekend, I ran a 20K road race and, once again, experienced no leg soreness. I also noticed I had increased endurance in running up hills in the race. I have run this same 20K race the last 14 years and my leg muscles always get sore after I finish. Additionally, my time for this year’s race was 8 minutes faster than last year and 10 minutes faster than two years ago.

I am a firm believer that the astaxanthin in Fortifeye Focus helps with muscle endurance and recovery.

Additionally, I take Fortifeye Complete Plus and Fortifeye Super Omega.

Heart disease is prevalent in my family so it important for me to stay healthy through exercise and nutrition. Thank you, Dr. Lange, for creating the Fortifeye nutritional supplements.

Mark A. Hanson, O.D.
Eye Care of Iowa, P.C.
Des Moines, Iowa
June 2010