Susan Murtz, “Dr. Lange is my go to eye guy. He’s the best!!”

Dec 31, 2013

I have been going to Dr. Lange for 13 years when we first moved into the area. I heard him talking on the radio and his caring and helpful information caught my attention. Whether on the radio or in person he is always a pleasure to speak to and learn from. My interest in a more natural holistic approach to my eye health, was truly piqued after my first visit and I haven’t switched to anyone else. I have switched most of my other doctors as they don’t tend to listen. There is no doubt he has a very busy practice, but he still takes the time to explain how, why and what to help me maintain good vision. What’s even more incredible is his research and interest in cutting edge technology, nutrition, and supplements that help maintain my overall health. When he speaks to callers on the radio, he never tells people to come and see him, but suggests they get a second opinion if they are not getting optimum help with their eye problems. Like I stated above, “He’s my eye guy” and I feel he should be yours. God bless you, Dr. Lange.