Crystalens™ – The first and only accommodating IOL

See All the Possibilities

Your vision connects you to the world. Over time, however, it becomes more difficult to see clearly. That is because your natural crystalline lens is becoming larger and harder. This prevents your lens from focusing as it once did and is why you may need glasses or bifocals to read this right now. This inability to focus, or accommodate, is called presbyopia and its earliest symptom is a difficulty seeing things that are close-up.

Over time, your lens will continue to harden, eventually turning cloudy as it becomes a cataract. It is a natural process that occurs in most everyone over 50 years of age. While glasses may help initially, eventually your cataracts will need to be removed.

Your Options

For the past 30 years, ophthalmologists have treated cataracts by replacing them with artificial lenses, or IOLs. While millions of Americans successfully undergo this proven surgery each year, in most cases, patients will require glasses for reading after cataract surgery. That is because all previously available IOLs were stationary and did not adjust to focus or accommodate. until now . . .

Crystalens™ works like the eye’s natural lens to allow most patients to see images that are near …

Introducing Crystalens™, the first and only accommodating IOL

(inside 16 inches)
intermediate (between 16 and 36 inches)
and distant (36 inches and beyond), without glasses.

Crystalens is engineered with a hinge designed to allow the optic, or part of the IOL that you see through, to move back and forth as you constantly change focus on images around you.

How much is it worth to restore my vision to what it was years ago?

remyWithout Glasses?!! that is worth everything to me!

  • to see my girl’s toothless grin?
  • to end the day in my latest books?
  • to read the time on the wall?
  • to select the right size?!!
  • and to check the label on my prescription?!!!

A New Hope

With Crystalens™ your vision will not only be brighter, but you may be free of those things that made you look or feel older. Crystalens™ will give you 20/life by reconnecting you to the people and things that matter most.

In clinical tests:

  • 98.48% of patients implanted with crystalens™ in both eyes could pass a driver’s test without glasses
  • 100% could see intermediate (24″ to 30″) without glasses, the distance for most of life’s daily activities
  • 98.4% could see well enough to read the newspaper and the phone book without glasses
  • Some patients did require glasses for some tasks after implantation of the crystalens™

Consult Your Doctor

Only your eye care doctor can determine which treatment is best for you. He or she is one of the few doctors across the country that are uniquely qualified to offer this lens and return your vision to what it once was.

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Should you have any questions about Crystalens™, please contact one of the Doctors at Lange Eye Care and Associates by e-mail or by phone.

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