LASIK Screening

LASIK Screening At All Locations

Dr. Lange at Lange Eye Care and Associates will give free LASIK screenings to see if you are a candidate for Refractive Surgery.

Today there are many different forms of Refractive Surgery, LASIK being the most popular. However, everyone is not a candidate for LASIK Surgery. Dr. Lange will go over every Refractive Surgical Option or alternative to eliminate the need to wear glasses or contacts.

Technological advancements are made yearly in the Refractive Surgical arena. Dr. Lange stays up on all the latest advancements and advises his patients accordingly.

Come in for your FREE LASIK screening at one of our locations.

villages_screeningIf you are interested in LASIK procedure or just have questions concerning LASIK eye surgery please feel free to call our offices in The Villages at the following numbers:

We also have free LASIK screenings at the Lange Eye Institute in The Villages. Call 352 753-4014 or toll free 1 888-781-2020 for an appointment.

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