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Not all 20/20 is the same.

Laser Vision Correction has successfully corrected the vision of over 6 million people. An estimated 98% of these patients now see 20/20 to 20/40 without glasses. Just because you read the 20/20 line doesn’t necessarily mean you have excellent vision though, not if the letters you identify are not crisp and clear. Conventional laser vision correction only address the visual distortions that account for about 95t-90% of the quality of vision.

CUSTOMCORNEA® can now address the other 10% to 15% of visual distortion. Although conventional laser vision correction can provide excellent results, for most patients CUSTOMCORNEA® can deliver even better results. The difference between traditional LASIK and CUSTOMCORNEA® is like the difference between regular and hi-definition television. We call it Hi-Fidelity Vision.

This long awaited method of correcting myopia may offer a greater percentage of patients a chance of achieving 20/20 or better vision. The quality of vision may be better compared to conventional procedures because of the ability to now measure internal aberrations, know as higher order aberrations.

Initially Wavefront sensing was developed to improve the performance of telescopes by correcting the distorting effects of the atmosphere. Wavefront analysis enables ophthalmologists to better understand the visual distortions of an individual patient.

Higher order aberrations can cause glare, shadows, halos and other disturbances of vision. Treating optical aberrations, which impact low-light visual activities such as driving will improve the patient’s quality of vision. Previously we measured the quantity of vision on the Snellen Eye Chart. Now we can measure the visual distortions that affect quality of vision of how well you see.

CUSTOMCORNEA® is the first FDA approved treatment that allows wavefront technology to actually guide the Excimer laser during a laser vision correction primarily to correct higher order optical distortions. The system sends low-energy light into the eye that is reflected off the retina and travels back through the lens and cornea as an outgoing wavefront. This wavelength is captured by the LADARWave™, which then measures and transfers it to the LADARvision 4000 laser, where it is electronically registered and computer matched to create the precision ablation to customize the laser vision correction procedure. Conventional vision correction can provide vision correction can provide excellent results, but for many patients CUSTOMCORNEA® can deliver even better results.

Should you have any questions about THE LADARVISION® CUSTOMCORNEA® AND LADARWave™ SYSTEM , please contact one of the Doctors at Lange Eye Care and Associates by e-mail or by phone.

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